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Evolution in a Nutshell

This review of Exploration: Designing with Nature, an exhibition at The Architecture Foundation in London, was first published on DomusWeb in March 2014. Photograph by Daniel Hewitt. No bigger than a finger nail, the Namibian Fog Basking Beetle makes an unlikely hero. At the … Continue reading

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A Cornucopia of Indian Design

This review of Dekho: Conversations on Graphic Design in India edited by Mohor Ray (CoDesign, 2012) was first published in Eye magazine no. 86, vol. 22 2013. This anthology of interviews with Indian graphic designers gained exposure in the UK earlier this year when it was … Continue reading

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Film Studio

This article on the use of online video in design was first published in the September 2013 issue of Frieze magazine. When the Amsterdam-based designer Siba Sahabi released a new collection of handmade carafes, urns and cups earlier this year, … Continue reading

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Ron Gilad

This profile of industrial designer, Ron Gilad, was first published on the website of Disegno magazine,, in June 2013. Ron Gilad is most at home with a pencil and the A4 paper he draws on. These basic tools of creative … Continue reading

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More than a Gender

  This review of Women in Graphic Design: 1890–2012 edited by Gerda Breuer and Julia Meer (Jovis, Berlin, 2012, 608pp.) was first published in Eye magazine no. 85, vol. 21 2013. ‘I never set out to be the only woman blah-blah,’ insists Paula … Continue reading

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Every Word in its Place

This review of About Graphic Design written and designed by Richard Hollis (Occasional Papers, London, 2012, 295 pp.) was first published in Eye magazine no. 84, vol. 21 2012 Reading Richard Hollis’s Writings about Graphic Design, one can’t help but wonder how the esteemed graphic … Continue reading

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Busy Doing Nothing

This article was published on Eye magazine’s blog on the occasion of the launch of the illustration magazine entitled Le Petit Néant in 2012. Le Petit Néant is an earnest name for a drawing magazine. French for ‘The Small Nothingness’, … Continue reading

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